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Posted February 18, 2021

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Production Specialist B6



The Production Specialist is a broadly defined position where the responsibilities are based on different levels of skills and competencies. A Production Specialist Team Member is working in a fast paced environment in workstations that have required cycle times. Team Members work in a culture that thrives on lean manufacturing principles both on and off the production line.

Some or all of the following duties are performed depending on skill and experience level: • Assembles equipment components, sub-assemblies, and accessories, as required for the assigned stage of production and in coordination with a small team of co-workers. Depending on the skill development level, assembly can range from basic fittings and brackets, to hoses, actuators and pumps, sensors, chains, gears, platforms, and instrument controls. • Fits brackets, fasteners, parts, and sub-assemblies onto structures by placing them in a specified relationship to each other. Bolts, clips, screws, and tightens parts by hand, hand tools, or portable power tools. Certain skilled tasks may require insertion of parts into small or difficult locations. • Inspects the quality of work-in-progress from previous workstations by examining alignment and proper fit following a defined standard. • Assembles components such as axles, power transmission devices, controls, etc., requiring skilled use of tools and production fixtures and a working knowledge of the product's operating characteristics • Assists with gathering information on items such as task time cycles, measurement of tolerances, occurrence of line defects, evaluation of safe work methods, etc. • Connects wiring to and from control panels, engines, batteries, and other components according to specifications and blueprints. • Operates a variety of handheld and power-assisted tools, and production fixtures. • Enters and retrieves production information onto a computerized data entry screen or custom-designed form.

Qualifications: Knowledge and Skills

• Basic understanding of assembly processes sufficient to organize, examine, and assemble equipment containing up to 12 pieces of material (structure, fittings, brackets, bolts). • Basic knowledge in the usage of hand tools, hand held power tools, fabricating equipment, and portable air tools.


• Sufficient reasoning ability to understand detailed, yet repetitive, written and oral instructions, and solve straight forward problems. • Perform arithmetic calculations, read and record detailed measurements, counts, distances, and times. • Learn and understand safety, continuous quality, and just-in-time within reasonable period of time.

Physical Abilities

• Requires ambulatory ability to walk, stand, reach, stoop, bend, and crawl on a continuous basis. • Requires the ability to lift, pull, push and guide medium weigh objects (20-50 pounds) on a continuous basis. • Requires sufficient hand-arm-eye coordination to guide objects into specific placement or alignment, make intricate connections, and make precise measurements. • Requires visual acuity to observe moving objects and events, select, and place materials • Requires auditory ability to project voice in a production environment and hear instructions

SEA-03 WS-03


Shift start: 5:00AM Shift length: 10 hours Mon-Thurs (4x10's), no wknds, some overtime

  • Health, dental, vision insurance - available after 30 days
  • Paid time off
  • 401(k) plan
  • Must pass drug screen
  • Must pass background check
  • Can lift 50 lbs
About Genie Industries

Genie, founded in 1966 and headquartered in Redmond, Washington, is a manufacturing company that specializes in material lifts and work platforms.

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