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Tech Media Startup seeks Laravel Developer & Web Designer

Posted August 31, 2019

\nWe’re DronesX and we’ve been researching, writing about and analyzing unmanned drones technology since 2015. We first started a successful blog and posted close to 200 articles about almost every vertical market using drones like Agriculture, Energy and Media, but we also developed a database of just about every drone-related company, use case, patent, research report, funding round, platform and market trend in existence. At last count, we have amassed a database of nearly 250,000 data points.\n\nNow we\'re developing an industry app which will offer our database as a subscription to companies, professionals and the market, while also providing cutting edge analysis, media and video about what\'s going on in the commercial drones market, and not just in the United States. The app will be available through our new website, and will also be available as Apple iOS and Google Android apps.\n\nSoon we\'ll be launching a Kickerstart campaign. In the meantime and while we continue design and development work, we are seeking two enterprising, creative people to join our small but ambitious team -- an awesome designer and an awesome developer. Honestly, we hope to find two people who have either worked with drones in the past (maybe you\'re a pilot or have flown DJI Phatoms and Inspires), or you are passionate and interested in drones and the future of the drones industry. Or, maybe you\'re smart and hungry and want to play an integral part in the creation of an innovative tech media company as both a contributor and equity shareholder. If this is you, we want you to be part of DronesX! \n\nWe are seeking a developer and designer to support the creation of the DronesX app which is being built using Laravel, Vue.JS. This opportunity is ideal for someone who enjoys solving problems, making a difference and creating great tech in a collaborative startup environment. \n\n"DEVELOPER" SKILLS NEEDED:\n\n* Application development using Laravel (5.x) and Vue.JS \n* Integrating with 3rd-party & RESTful APIs \n* Build new features and enhancements, while creating new ideas \n* Proactively identify system enhancements \n* Work with clients and end users to scope out future system developments \n* Expertise with PHP 7 and related tools (Composer, PHPUnit) \n* JavaScript and related tools (npm, Jest, node) \n* Using SQL databases such as MySQL \n* Git Version control \n* Thrive in a small team environment\n* Desire to lead a development team from scratch\n* Experience using AWS is a huge plus \n* Interested in drones, robotics and being an important player in the commercial drones industry\n\n"DESIGNER" SKILLS NEEDED\n\n* UI/UX design using Twitter Bootstrap\n* HTML5/CSS3 expertise including semantic tags & flexbox\n* You are a true UI/UX artist\n* Can create wireframes or PSD designs from vision meetings, sample designs and discussions\n* Native understanding how to produce visual elements of an app that make for a responsive, user-friendly UI\n* Can improve usability and bridge the gap between design and technical implementation\n* Can take an active role to help define how our app looks as well as how it works\n* Thrive in a small team environment\n* Desire to lead a design or marketing team from scratch\n* Interested in drones, robotics and being an important player in the commercial drones industry\n\nAlthough we\'ve settled on Laravel and AWS, among a few other things, we are open to using other new and exciting technologies! We\'re building our app on the breathtaking platform, AWS. As we grow, there will be lots and lots of perks. \n\nDronesX is a recognized brand in the commercial drones industry. When we near a launch and are able to start marketing and sales, our team will benefit as the creators of an influential thought leader in our growing industry. Its growing and its only going to get bigger. Although we\'ve been around for a few years, we\'re just now re-starting. Although, since we have a huge database, a clear vision and roadmap to success, we\'re not really a startup...even though we are. With a little faith in our vision, an interest in drones, and sharing your talent, this will be a profitable and rewarding company for you. Come join us as we create something very useful and influential in our industry. Thank you!

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